$150 Beginner Budget Build

This article will show you how to piece together a 5” Budget Freestyle Build – our pick for your first 5″ build around $150 USD.

The build is designed to be robust, cheap and easy to put together. All of these components are community favourites that have been well tested. They have also been chosen because they are easy parts to source – there is nothing worse than wanting to build and then having to wait for re-stocking.

You could swap out the Foxeer camera for the Foxeer Razer Mini if you prefer a CMOS camera. You could also get the lower KV version of the Emax Eco motors and run this as a 6s quad.

Extra things:

Don’t forget to buy battery straps and batteries! For the 4s version of this build, use 1300-1550mAh 4s 75c+ lipo’s. For 6s, use 1000-13000mAh 6s 40c+ lipo’s.

This build includes the receiver you need if you have a FRSKY or Jumper radio.

All of the parts in the table below will work together. The stack comes with a capacitor, so you won’t need to purchase one separately. Remember you can mix and match parts if one or more are out of stock, but be sure to check with someone in the know to make sure they will still work together with the other parts of the build.

PartProductProduct Link
FrameTBS Source One OR
MotorsEmax Eco 2306 2400kvhttp://bit.ly/EcoEmax
StackMamba F405http://bit.ly/mambafcf405
CameraFoxeer Arrow Prohttp://bit.ly/fxeerarrowminicam

You MUST buy your own screws to put the Source One together. It ships with screws that strip VERY easily. You will need 24 x M3 Hex, 6mm. Here is a link to a set of 50. Be sure to select the 6mm version.

Check out the build guide below for tips you can use to make your first build easier.

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