The Right Tools for FPV

Having the right tools for the job will make your repair and building work much easier. Believe it or not, you don’t really need to invest much to get a solid beginner tool set.

In saying that, this added cost is something a lot of new pilots don’t factor in when trying to enter the hobby. All of these items have been carefully selected to keep the costs down as much as possible, without sacrificing usability and performance. 

What are the Tools?

The hex drivers and the prop tool will be one of the most commonly used items. We recommend the TS100 soldering iron – a community favourite which punches well above its weight. It is essential to buy the suggested tip for the TS100 also.

One extra item that you really need to get is a multimeter. You need one that can measure voltage and with an audible continuity testing mode. The smoke stopper recommended will help stop you from blowing components.

Check out the video Stew did at the end of this article. You can buy most of the things you need in the one kit linked below. Sourcing it might be hard for some however. If you can’t find one in stock, you can just use the links below and make you own kit up. Here is a link to the premade kit:

Here are the parts if you want to put a kit together yourself.

Hex drivers for screws + a prop tool for props
Pliers/Snips for cables
Voltage tester
Soldering Iron and Tip
Larger tip for easier soldering
Cable for Soldering Iron

You also need to make or buy a smoke stopper.

A smoke stopper is a small device which you plug in between your quad and battery. After adding new components, performing repairs, or building a new quad, you will want to use a smoke stopper to ensure there are no shorts hiding in your quad.

A random blob or solder, or a broken wire can burn out your FC, VTX, receiver, ESC’s or camera. Even your motors will burn if the right components are shorted.

A smoke stopper acts as a current limiter and protects those components when you plug in on that first test. Search youtube for “FPV smoke stopper’ for examples of how to build one. You also can usually find premade ones on your local FPV suppliers website.

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