Best Charger for 1s Whoops

When it comes to whoops, you can never have enough packs charged. Whoops are an inexpensive way to build up your real-life experience on the sticks and you can never get enough packs to satisfy the craving!

If you bought a BNF whoop, chances are you have a tiny 1s charger that came with it. These chargers are great for just starting out, but eventually you will want to upgrade to something faster and easier to use. 

The Ultra Power 1s charger strikes the perfect balance between affordability and usability. You can charge a variety of either 4.2v or 4.35v 1s batteries, up to 6 at a time. The charger will automatically shut-off each battery when charging is complete.

Note: This charger does not natively support the new BT2.0 whoop connector from Beta FPV. You can still use this charger, but you will need to buy pre-made BT2.0 leads to plug in to the standard PH2.0 on the charger. Have a look at the example of the BT2.0 connector below.

You can power the Ultra Power charger using something like a 3s or 4s 1500 mAh lipo battery. Do yourself and your batteries a favour and pick one up today.

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