Which Charger for FPV?

The majority of FPV quads run on Lithium Polymer batteries. How you choose to charge those batteries can mean the difference between years of flying and a house fire. 

Because of the dangers of charging lipos, it is essential to not cheap out when it comes to choosing your first charger. 

In this article you will find four different options that, while being great value for money, are also known as safe and reliable chargers.

Different Types of Chargers

You can either buy a charger with a built in power-supply, or buy one that uses an external power supply. The Toolkit M6 and the ISDT Q8 both require an external power-supply. The SkyRC Q200 has a built in power supply, so all you need to do is plug it in. There is a suitable external power-supply linked at the end of the article if you decide to go with the M6 or Q8.

Whichever charger you end up getting, make sure you do some research on safe Lipo battery practices. Charging and storing Lipo batteries for FPV is serious business. Have fun, but be safe doing so! You can find a link to an article with some basic safety information at the end of this article. 

Budget Charger Option

Toolkit M6

The Toolkit brand has become a favourite for beginners and the budget conscious alike. Toolkit are known to produce quality chargers that don’t break the bank. You won’t be able to use this charger forever, but with a decent parallel charging set-up it will serve you well in the beginning. This charger is also ridiculously small, so it’s perfect for field charging packs off a larger Lipo. Check out the review Stew did below.

Medium Budget Option


ISDT is one of the best known names in FPV charging. ISDT offers some of the best build standards in the industry and are known for being reliable and easy to use chargers.  The Q8 charger is perhaps one of the most impressive chargers in the hobby. It packs a whopping 500W 20A of charging capability in a tiny form factor. It’s the king of the mini chargers, and easily the best choice for those on a medium sort of budget. 

Big Budget Option

SkyRC Q200

Stew has used his SkyRC Q200 chargers for years. For someone who does FPV for a living, having a safe and reliable charger is essential. This bad boy can charge up to four batteries at once and has a built in power supply. Just plug it into the mains and you’re good to go. Check out the review Stew did below.

Parallel charging

You might have seen parallel charging mentioned earlier in this article. Parallel charging is a way to charge more than just one batter at a time. The main benefit of  this is pretty self explanatory. The main drawback of all that sweet multi-charging is giving up a lot of safety. Introducing parallel charging into your setup is inherently more dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Basic Power Supply

Here is a basic power supply that won’t break the bank. It is often better to buy your own power supply locally and solder on an xt60 connection. Keep that in mind when choosing which power supply to buy.

Read the Lipo safety article below to ensure your safety game is on point.

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