Fastest FPV in the World – Over 300 mph!

This week a pilot in the U.K broke the unofficial world record for hobby grade FPV. A YouTube user known as OMEGOOGLIEBIRD uploaded a video showing a top speed of 502 km/h, or around 311 mph! 

Fixed wing pilots have been going fast since most of us drone pilots were in nappies. The fact is, fixed wing RC allows for speeds that drone pilot’s can only dream of. It’s no surprise that the fixed wing guys keep pushing the record higher and higher – because everyone knows fixed wing pilots are crazy. But a good kind of crazy.

The previous record of 441 km/h was held by someone with the YouTube name SlingshotandMolotovs. This flight was only 2 months ago, so it goes to show just how fast things can change in this hobby. 

The beast that broke the record is powered by a jet turbine Lambert Kolibri T50 engine, sitting in a Vasa Fusion frame. 

A Kolibri T50 Jet Turbine engine.

OMEGOOGLIEBIRD explained in the video description that an engine flame out actually forced an early landing and that he expects to hit 550 km/h in the next run. When asked how nice it is to fly FPV at such phenomenal speeds, he replied simply, “It feels great!!”.

One of the coolest parts of the video was seeing the Vasa wing being launched from its own drone carrier. The editor decided to complement this epic achievement by synching audio from a SpaceX launch, which makes the whole thing feel even cooler. 

We can’t wait to see how far OMEGOOGLIEBIRD and the rest of the community can push the record in the future!

Check out the flight video linked below. 

And here is a link to the previous record holder. Watch both of these guys closely in the coming months!

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