Best Budget Motor – Emax Eco

Emax is one of the best known brands in FPV. They design and produce some of the best ‘bind and fly’ quads and ‘ready to fly’ kits. They also happen to make one of the best budget motors on the market. 

The Emax Eco motor is perfect for beginners and pros alike. These motors can take a beating, they are easy to source and they actually fly decently. You are not going to get top end performance or durability out of a motor at this price-point, but you are going to get a motor that will get you flying and not hurt your wallet when you break one. 

The Eco motors are available in a variety of sizes and KV’s. An ideal choice for a beginner would be the 2306 2400 KV, which are suitable for a 4s 5” quad build. 

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