DJI Digital FPV System

The release of the DJI Digital FPV system marked a significant changing point in the FPV hobby. 

HD video was already available, but only in cumbersome and exorbitantly expensive forms. DJI HD still isn’t exactly cheap, but the price point and form factor of HD FPV was improved greatly by DJI. 

DJI is the largest consumer drone company in the world, by far. Their research and development arms give them an advantage over every other company in the FPV market. This is why they were able to develop technology which has FPV pilots everywhere cursing their old analogue gear. 

This all means, we got an amazing system that is reliable, easy to find and well supported by frequent bug fixes and updates, backed up by one of the best customer services games in town. 

You can purchase the system as just goggles and the air unit. Or purchase the full kit and also get a DJI radio. With the radio you won’t have to worry about installing your own receiver. But you will be locked to only using that radio with other DJI air units. If you like your current radio, or want to run something like crossfire, just buy the goggles and air unit and forget the radio. 

Don’t forget about the Caddx Vista, which is a smaller version of the DJI air unit, perfect for smaller quads. 

If you are just starting out in FPV and you are already in love, the DJI system is the best investment you can make.

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