Eachine UZ65

The UZ65 is perhaps one of Eachine’s most innovative offerings.

Yes, it is just another 65mm whoop like the Mobula 6 or Meteor 65. But what sets it aside is it is the first bnf whoop in that form factor to run 35mm props.

More surface area means more thrust. In order to fit the 35mm props in, Eachine used a Flight Controller with curved cut outs, as opposed to the more traditional diamond shape.

The UZ65 benefits from having a separate VTX from the FC. It is nice to know if you burn out the VTX, you won’t have to replace the entire FC. 

You can get the UZ65 in Frsky, Flysky, or Spektrum SPI receivers, or even with a Crossfire Nano receiver. 

The UZ65 includes a charger and 4 300mAh 1s lipo batteries.
Techs and Specs
Flight Controller + ESCCrazybeeF4 AIO
Motors0802 19000KV
CameraRuncam Nano 3
VTX5.8ghz 25mw-100mw
PropsHQ 35mm 3 Blade
Battery1x 300 30c 1s Lipo, PH2.0
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