Foxeer Wildfire Module

Do you want better reception flying bandos? Do you live in a high multipath environment and your standard receivers aren’t cutting it? The Foxeer Wildfire might be the right option for you.

The Foxeer WIldfire module will work with most modern goggles with a receiver module bay. There are even adapters for using this module on goggles like Skyzones, which have internal receivers and no module bay. 

This module gives Rapidfire a run for its money, at a much better price point. It also uses the same type of interlacing technology used by Rapidfire. 

Put simply, this means your reception will be a combination of the signal of two receivers, where traditional diversity just swaps between the strongest of the two receivers at any given time. 

This is most evident in the way the interference will appear in your goggles. Interlacing provides an arguably more consistent image than standard diversity.

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