Happymodel Mobula 6

The Mobula 6 is the perfect way to start your FPV journey. This is one of the lightest, most inoffensive quads you can buy. 

Fast enough to fly outside, small enough to fly inside, the Mobula 6 is well put together and has lots of spare parts available. The price is right too, with the Mobula usually around the $85-$90 usd mark. 

The mobula comes in a few different variants. The 19k motor version is the perfect balance between power and performance. The 25k KV version is fast, but expect much shorter flight times than with the 19k. 

Available with either a FRSKY or FLYSKY receiver, the mobula even comes with 4 batteries and a charger!

Check out the upgraded charger below. It will help you get back in the air a lot faster than the one that comes free with the Mobula 6.

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