Hawkeye Little Pilot Goggles

Will these Hawkeye goggles make you look cool? No. Are these a great option for budget conscious newbies? Yes.

Don’t let the looks fool you. The Hawkeye Little Pilot goggles provide an unrivaled budget goggle experience. The screen is clear and easy to focus on. They are relatively light, which means they are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The Hawkeye Little Pilot goggles are functional – you can just use the screen portion of the goggles for testing on the bench or use as everyday FPV goggles. The Hawkeye goggles are also offer true diversity, which simply means a better signal than most other budget goggles. 

Perhaps the only downside is the lack of DVR, but that is an easy fix with one of the modules linked below. 

You will also need a battery – a 1500mah 2-4s lipo with an xt60 connector will work perfectly. 

Upgraded antennas will give you even better reception – the Realacc Triple Feed Patch Mini + some Aomway RHCP cloverleaf antennas will suit a quad with a RHCP antenna. For whoops and micros with linear antenna you want a linear patch like the Menace RC bandicoot patch.

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