Skyzone 02c and 02x Goggles

Skyzone really did an amazing job at providing a quality pair of goggles at a reasonable price. Around the $250 to $300 usd price point, these goggles are unrivalled. 

They come with everything you need to start flying with your first set of FPV goggles, except a battery. A 2-4s 1500mah lipo battery would be perfect to run these. 

The Skyzone 02x will not look as good as the high end Fatshark HDO goggles or Skyzone O30’s with OLED screens. But for many pilots, this will be the only pair of analogue goggles they ever need to buy. 

The internal diversity receivers provide a rock solid video feed in most flying environments. There is also the option, with the Skyzone module bay adapter, to run these with an external module, like Rapidfire or Wildfire. 

The only difference between the C and the X versions is the X comes with a head tracker and a front facing camera. A head tracker isn’t that useful in FPV and the front facing camera is really more of a gimmick. If you can find stock of the C, get that. The price difference isn’t huge however, and there seems to be a lot more stock of the X version available. 

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