The All New TBS Crossfire Micro V2

This week Team Black Sheep announced the new Crossfire Micro V2, and we’re pretty excited. 

Way back in July of 2015, TBS broke the mould with their ultra reliable, ultra long range Crossfire system. Since then, FPV and Fixed Wing pilots have been able to trust their radio link in almost any environment, without needing to spend thousands on special antennas and ground stations.

The original Crossfire Micro module was released a couple of years later and it became even cheaper, and exponentially more popular. It is a testament to the development team at TBS that the original micro module stayed popular the entire time it was for sale. It’s a running joke in the hobby that they were always out of stock.

TBS or Team Black Sheep first announced Crossfire in 2015.

For as little as $70 you get a module that will drop out significantly less often than traditional 2.4ghz, with the potential to go over 10km out of the box and an amazingly low latency. 10km is being ultra conservative by the way.

There is a reason professional freestyle and race pilots almost all exclusively run Crossfire. The simple truth is, it just works.

The 900mhz frequency will give you much better performance in bando’s, WiFi hotspot’s, flying long range, mid range and even close range. If you add in Crossfire Shot, another relatively new technology that reduces latency at the sticks, we are now the closest we have ever been to perfection for our radio link. 

Fast forward to 2020 and the much loved Micro module has been updated to ensure the Crossfire Micro stays on top. One major change is the inclusion of USB-C. There is also some secret sauce potential and a rumoured upgrade from the 250mw power limit to 500mw at some point. TBS always try to future proof their products as much as possible and the Crossfire Micro V2 is no exception. Basically, TBS has our backs.

Local retailers are taking pre-orders now, with shipping expected to start around the 6th of July.

Get in quick because these are guaranteed to sell out fast! If you’re in the U.S try GetFPV and Race Day Quads. If you’re in Australia try Phaser FPV or Next FPV. You can also order from TBS directly by clicking on the button below.

You can also check out the Live Stream announcement of the Micro V2 below:

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