One of the BEST quads Emax has made – The Tinyhawk Racer 2

It’s pretty hard to make a bind and fly quad stand out these days. That task becomes even harder in the micro category. The relatively new Tinyhawk II Race 2” offering from Emax has fast become an unexpected favorite of many.

This little guy runs on 2 inch props, has a decent camera and VTX and uses an F4 Flight Controller. Weighing in at a measly 47g dry (without a lipo) its small form factor and light weight makes it an amazing backyard flyer. I know what you’re thinking, but it is a little too fast for indoors.

The Tinyhawk II Race uses 1103 7500kv with 2s, so you’re also going to see good efficiency, giving flight times of 5 to 7 minutes. There are lots of spares available and when you purchase an Emax quad and you can rest a little easier knowing there will be customer support there to help, if you need it.

Included with the Tinyhawk II Race are 2 450mAh 1s lipo’s, a charger and a basic screwdriver with spare stack and motor screws. Yes, you will want to purchase more batteries! Looks for GNB or Emax branded 1s 450’s.

One thing to note is the Tinyhawk is only available with an FRSKY receiver. That means you will need a FRSKY radio or something with a multiprotocol module, like the Radiomaster T16s.

The Tinyhawk II Race is a no-brainer for new pilots or anyone who wants a decent, calm micro to rip packs, without disturbing the neighbours. 

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