Emax Tinyhawk RTF Kit

Tried and tested, this read to fly kit from Emax is a winner.

Sure, the radio is limited to being used with an Emax Tinyhawk and you won’t be flying more than a couple of hundred feet away. But you will get the full ‘acro’ experience for a small investment.

This little beast is leagues ahead of the kit above. Set up is easy for a beginner, flying it is even easier if you start out in ‘stability’ mode. Stability mode will auto level, before the quad can do a flip or roll.  This way you can learn the basics of throttle control and build that muscle memory.

After you have built up some skills, you step up to ‘acro’. This allows you full control of the quad, just like the pro’s. 

Once again, goggles are great as a back-up or testing on the bench, when you upgrade. 

This RTF kit from Emax comes with the Tinyhawk, radio, battery and goggles. It’s everything you need to start flying FPV in one click.

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