The TS100 – The only Soldering Iron you need for FPV

Let’s face it, if you are getting into FPV your wallet is already screaming for mercy and  if you have zero soldering experience it can be quite daunting to try and decide which gear to buy.

Lucky for you, the decision to buy the TS100 Soldering Iron is the biggest ‘no brainer’ in the hobby. 

The TS100 was developed by a company called Miniware, bringing it to market in 2015. 

This iron was smarter than your average soldering iron, quickly becoming a surprising favourite of soldering geeks everywhere. You see, Miniware had a stroke of genius with this product. The heart of the TS100 is a STM32 chip, the same technology used on your average flight controller. 

Not only does this allow the TS100 to precisely control its temperature, but it also allows users to flash open source firmware to make modification and personalisation almost limitless. 

Aside from all this, the TS100 is ultra portable, weighing in at a measly 33g. It can pump out up to 450 degrees celsius, getting up to temperature faster than most soldering irons on the market. You can also purchase just about any style soldering iron tip out there. This means it’s perfect for small jobs like soldering tiny pads and bigger jobs like soldering an XT60. Not to mention you can consistently find the TS100 on sale for under $60 USD!

The TS100 is one of those products you look forward to recommending to someone, because you know how much they are going to love it. 

For more information, check out the video’s from Stew below. One is on the TS100 itself and the other will point you in the right direction if you want to learn how to solder. 

Do yourself a favour and buy a TS100 today!

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