Which antennas for FPV?

You’re only as good as your antennas! Many of the receiver modules used in goggles perform as well as each other. Buying decent antennas is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your FPV signal. 

For a receiver using interlacing technology like Rapidfire or TBS Fusion, you want to run two Omni antennas.

For everything else, which is what the majority of you will be using, an Omni and a Patch antenna will yield the best results. 

At a very basic level, a patch antenna will get you better range, but be limited to wherever the patch antenna is pointing. Think of the patch antenna as putting out a beam in front of itself, that goes in one direction.

An Omni will give you less range, but cover everything around it in a circular pattern. This is why an Omni antenna will be referred to as Right Hand Circularly Polarized (RHCP).

One important thing to remember when buying antennas is to ensure you are getting the right connection to match your goggles. 90% of goggles and receivers will be SMA male. The rest will be RP-SMA male. Check out the image below to make sure you get the right one.

The first and third images show the connections you will find on antennas. The second and forth images show the connections you will find on your goggles/receivers.

Here are our recommended antennas for starting out in FPV. We have tried to balance performance with affordability, so these will give you reliable reception at an affordable price.

Aomway RHCP Antenna:

The Aomway RHCP is an Omni antenna. They are cheap, fairly durable and punch well above their weight in terms of reception. These are perfect to go on either your quad or goggles. They come in a set of two for around $12 USD.

Realacc Triple Feed Patch + Omni Combo:

The Realacc Triple Feed Patch is a RHCP patch antenna. This is perfect for people who want a bit more range on their quads running RHCP antennas. We have recommended the mini version here, but there are two larger sizes for even better coverage. The mini size is perfect for goggles and the larger sizes are perfect for a ground station.  You can either buy the mini by itself, or use the link below to buy one with a RHCP Pogoda antenna included.

Menace RC Bandicoot Patch – For whoops and micro’s:

The Menace RC Bandicoot patch is another patch antenna you will probably need to get. This one is a little different in that it is a Linear patch. Linear patch antennas are perfect for matching with the Dipole/Linear antennas you find on whoops and toothpicks. 

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