Which radio should I buy in 2020?

Let’s keep this simple. Which radio is right for you, either as an upgrade, or your first radio in FPV? Here are 3 options to consider.

TBS tango 2 – Compact with rock solid RX connection

Pros: Runs arguably the most reliable RX connection, 900mhz. New crossfire shot technology also gives extremely low latency. Well supported by the community and TBS themselves.

Cons:  It can be hard to find stock of this radio. The Tango 2 only runs TBS’s Crossfire protocol, so it won’t work with many whoops and micros with on board SPI receivers.

Frsky X9 Lite  – reliable and cheap

Pros: Lots of community support. Well built and a large range of available receivers. 

Cons: If you choose to use ACCESS it wont run d8 mode, often found on whoops.

Perfect for beginners or someone wanting a cheap upgrade from Flysky.

The Radiomaster T16/T16S – One radio for all your RC gear

Pros: Looks good. Comes with a multiprotocol module that will bind with most 2.4ghz receivers, including d8 and d16 for FRSKY. Crossfire is plug and play on the T16

Cons: Build quality isn’t as good as FRSKY. Low stock levels sometimes makes them hard to find. 

But, which one should you buy?

If you want a great beginner radio, buy the X9lite. If you just want to fly 5” freestyle and racing, buy the Tango 2. If you want a radio that will grow with you, run crossfire, and be pretty reliable, buy the Jumper/Radiomaster T16. 

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