Basic Betaflight Tuning Tips

Tuning your quad can be a black hole. There is a massive amount of information out there on tuning, and it can be hard to know where to start.

Below are 4 basic tuning tips, that will hopefully point you in the right direction. Betaflight has improved so much now that most quads will fly just fine on stock 4.1 PID and filter settings. For some however, tuning is essential to eliminate prop wash, hot motors or even fly away’s. 

Tuning tip #1 -Take advantage of the multiple PID profiles in Betaflight.

On the PID tuning tab you can set up 3 different PID profiles at once. Leave profile 1 on defaults and change the other two slightly. You could raid P and D gains by 10% on profile 2, and lower them by 10% on profile 3. 

Go out and fly all 3 profiles back to back. You can swap between the profiles in the Betaflight OSD in your goggles.  You will get an idea of what felt the best much faster than flying one profile, going home to tune and going back out to test. This also assumes that the weather is calm, as tuning in high winds or extreme temperatures will greatly impact the final tune. 

Tuning tip #2 – Don’t change too much at once!

Try to just adjust the basics like P and D first. This might fix your tune. If you try to change PID values, filters and TPA all at once, it will be almost impossible to know what is impacting what. 

Tuning tip #3 – Tune with old props.

Tuning on fresh props is one of the biggest mistakes people make when tuning. Basically, as soon as your props get some wear in them, your tune is going to suffer. 

Tuning tip #4 – Make friends with your blackbox.

Tuning by feel can get you 95% of the way. If you really want to get the best tune possible, you need to research how to use betaflight blackbox. By examining gyro and motor data from a specific flight, you can start to adjust filters and PIDs with precision. The blackbox configurator is linked below. 


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