New L type firmware for your old whoops

You can now run 48khz firmware on L type escs. JESC 48khz has been a revelation for whoop and micro pilots. This ESC firmware upgrade will help your whoops fly longer, by more carefully modulating the freq of your motors. The smaller the motor, the more impact this firmware has. 

How to:

Check Bl-heli config first to see what type of esc’s your board has. The UK65 for example,  is 0-L-5 – which is a common L type esc firmware for whoop boards like the early crazybeef3’s.

Go to this link and scroll until you find the EXACT firmware which matches your escs. 

Right click and choose save link as – save the hex file to your desktop.

You would think the next step would be to open the JESC config, but Joe has actually designed this to work with the bl heli config. 

Connect to bl heli, choose flash all, and then choose the .hex file we saved earlier. 

Wait for it to flash.

And you’re done. 

Unplug the battery and replug – if the flash was successful you should notice the tones of the esc beeps change a bit. 

Increasing the pwm freq seems to be best suited to tiny motors like on whoops. You end up losing some low down torque, but the increased flight time and high throttle stability is a great trade off.

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