Long Range – Crossfire vs R9

TBS or Team Black Sheep is a major developer/supplier/brand in FPV. They happen to make the preferred way to go long range, the 900mhz Crossfire system.

One key benefit of this system is reliability. When compared to the more standard 2.4ghz signal, Crossfire wins out every times. 2.4ghz is a far more commonly used signal (including your wifi!). Random 2.4ghz drop outs can be a thing unfortunately. By running on 900mhz, you avoid a lot of the noise generated by WIFI.

Another benefit of Crossfire is latency. Racers like Crossfire for the reduced latency between pilot and quad. The new Crossfire Shot technology has even futrther improved the latency of the Crossfire system.

And of course you can literally fly for miles on Crossfire. When combined with a good vtx, you are only really limited by your battery 😉

It isn’t cheap. But the Crossfire system has been well designed and is easy to use, with ample community support. They have a power/feature limited micro version, and a full size, full power version. The smaller one is actually pretty affordable. Receivers are a little more/a lot more expensive also. 

The TBS Tango 2 has a built in micro receiver and means you can fly any quad you fit out with a Crossfire receiver. 

Frsky tried to replicate this success with the release on the r9 900mhz system. It will not be recommended here. Some have had great luck with it. It is dirt cheap compared to crossfire, but nothing in life comes free. 

If you are the type of person that loves to problem solve, this would actually be a good investment and learning opportunity. But not user friendly compared to the ease of crossfire. 

One ‘lost forever’ quad at the bottom of the lake and crossfire pays for itself.

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