Props should be seen as disposable. They will be the number one thing you damage and replace in FPV. In terms of 5”, here a few props to get you started. Make sure you try a few different types, because props can very much be down to personal preference.

Which props do I need?

Basically, you want low pitch props for High KV motors. And high pitch props for Low KV motors. 

So some 2306 2400kv are perfect on 5X4.8X3. The same 2306 motors, but at 2700kv, would be better suited to 5×4.3×3. 4.8/4.3 being the numbers we are interested in when talking about pitch. The 5 at the start refers to the size of the prop (5”). The 3 on the end refers to the amount of blades. Tri props are the most commonly used 5” prop. 5x(size)4.3x(pitch)3(triblade).

Some 5” Props

HQ – HQ props are smooth. The 5X4.3X3 are a great prop for smooth freestyle. The 5×4.6×3 are also very good. (BMS Thomas uses the HQ 5×4.6×3 for racing). These are PoPo props, but can be used on normal motors.
HQ 5043 –

T-Motor – T-Motor make some very interesting props. They have this weird way of making your motors sing πŸ™‚ 5143/5147 are both great options.

Dal Prop – Dal’s are an old favourite of many pilots. And many still swear by them today. They are very durable. Try the 5047 or the 5045/5046. Better top end than the HQ props.

Gemfan – Gemfan make some amazing racing props. The gemfan 5149.9 are a favourite for many pilots. More suited to racing. Gemfan 5146.6 are great for both racing and freestyle. 

Gemfan WinDancer 5043 for freestyle.

Azure – Azure make some crazy props. Try the Johnny 4838 props (the smoothest I have tried yet) or their 5150 race style props. 

Emax Avan – Avan are some great props. Emax Avan Flow 5×4.3×3 are the pick of the bunch for freestyle props.

Micro Props

65mm (2.5” toothpick quads) – – HQ 65mm bi-blades
2” Props – – Avan 2” props

2.5” Props – Gemfan 2540 props
3” props – – Gemfan 3052 OR HQ 3x4x3

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